Friday, September 21, 2012

Slippin Away

Where do the hours go? The days seem to slip by and regardless of what I have planned it seems the night slips in and I find I haven't accomplished much and nearly not enough of what I wanted to do.

I cleaned the car today and the kitchen. The daughter and I went out for lunch and did a little grocery shopping. That doesn't sound like much for a whole day does it? No, I don't think so either.

I'm having a difficult time staying indoors lately. As the night draws to a close for me and I creep into bed, I scan my mental list of the things I want to get done indoors. That list holds no attraction for me once daylight makes it rounds.
Making up the bed in the morning, a cup of coffee, a shower and dressed, I'm out the door and into the sunlight which has decreased it's intensity lately. It's fall and it's my favorite time of year. It seems this year it has arrived early for us here in the deep south and I'm not complaining. I only tolerate summer while I fully enjoy the rest of the year here.
Thought I feel I haven't accomplished much today, I'm tired. Carrie and Ted are spending the weekend in Lydia. I spent a little time in the kitchen cooking so they could take a few things with them. A pot of northern beans with a slab of pickled pork and some homemade beefaroni was packed and collected by Ted before he left town with Carrie.
I'm off to bed. It's time.

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