Saturday, September 8, 2012

What Was I thinking?

It's a cool 90plus degrees outside and a pale grey t shirt can quickly look deep grey when it soaks up the sweat from your body. Pat stopped by yesterday. We chatted for a while and during our conversation the subject of her lawn at her rental property came up. "It's just a postage size lot and it looks terrible. Nobody has mowed it for a while now."

Being a good friend and thinking of a postage size yard, I volunteered to mow it. "Let's load up the little lawn mower and the weed eater and go mow it!" I said to her.

My idea of postage size and Pat's idea of postage size is two different animals.

After a few swipes down the front part of the property, the sweat was running in my eyes, my shirt sleeves were saturated from wiping the sweat out of same eyes that were now stinging from the salt of the sweat.

1400 hrs is not the best time to decide to mow a lawn and me pushing a mower and not riding on my lawn tractor is something I won't do again! I huffed and puffed and finally made it around that yard. Today I spent all day in bed. I started this morning sneezing and with a runny nose. I'm sure this had nothing to do with the lawn ordeal yesterday and that it's only a summer cold causing this though it might be that I'm allergic to heat and lawns. 

I slept all day. I'm ready to take another 30 cc's of Nyquil, my Ambien and get another 12 hrs of sleep. Hopefully by tomorrow my little summer cold will have passed, the cold front predicted will be here and I'll be outside enjoying some nice cool weather!
Since I had promised Carrie I would have lunch with her at her school today, I dragged myself out of my nap, dressed and drove to her school. We visited while she ate her lunch and was happy that I had honored my promise to her to be there. I slid back into my bed immediately after arriving back home.
Saturday morning:
Pancakes sound good. I must be healing!

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