Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Busy Today....Bored Tomorrow?

Bored? I must learn to not complain about being bored. I looked across the lawn and noted that just 4 days ago I had mowed and again it was looking a bit shaggy. Mowing isn't a great task here. I have a beautiful lawn tractor;  we are the best of friends, that lawn tractor and I. I remember too well the lawn mower I used to push around this yard in the August heat, sweat soaking my clothes and face bright red .

It gets worse after that. Doing the trim work puts me back into that sweat soaked clothes and face of red. There isn't an easier way to get this done. Finishing up, I showered and dressed and prepared to accompany the husband to the casino. 
I wanted to hurry home to collect Carrie and make a visit to the dance studio where she was to be enrolled last week. That was cancelled due to hurricane Isaac. We missed it again today; Carrie had an appointment to have her eyes examined after school. We did eventually make it to the studio but only to register. Next week she will dress in her tights and leotard and attend her first class. She is a little excited and I'm sure a bit nervous. I'm hoping she enjoys herself, gets a bit of exercise and makes a few new friends.

Carrie passed her eye exam with flying colors. I was worried. Carrie complained of not being able to see clearly.
She would find a pair of my old glasses that were very weak in strength and wear them around the house. Testing her, I would wait until she took them off and then call her to have her read to me. She read without a problem sans glasses. 
A few days later, returning from school she informed me that she had my glasses in her book sack. I looked at  her and said "Why are my glasses in your book sack?"

Without a flicker of guilt she said "I wore them at school today. I told the teacher they were my Nana's glasses."

I stared at her. Biting my tongue, I didn't scold her but gently told her she couldn't wear them again. She would have to have her eyes checked. Wearing someone els'es glasses were not good for her eyes. Secretly all I could think about was what the teacher must have thought when she realized Carrie was wearing her grandmother's glasses!

Tomorrow is parent/teacher's conference and I will be attending with April. This will be my first time to meet Carrie's teacher. I'm looking forward to explaining to her  Carrie's decision to wear those glasses.

It's time to clamp on my breathing machine and swallow an Ambien. Tomorrow I plan on enjoying a little boredom. I have a nice fresh book to read!

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