Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mustached Not

I stepped outside and into a sauna. The air was thick with steam; there was that much moisture in the air. Will fall ever get here? I've had quite enough of summer.

The flowers around the house look as beat down as I feel. I've neglected watering them and while I was out of town, the only water they received was when Irene came stumbling through.

An uneventful day spent doing mundane chores and an afternoon of naps until Carrie arrived. Her mother has contracted the same head cold Carrie has been dealin with this past week. I offered to have Carrie spend the night so the mom could sleep in tomorrow.

Carrie was hand delivered by her brother. She slowed down to say "hello" to me and continued on her journey to the bedroom to see her Poppy. I wanted to be around when she had her first look at him to watch her reaction. I missed it. She came rushing back to the living room squealing "Did you see Poppy?"

"What are you talking about?" I asked

"Nana, his moustache is gone!" she hisses.

"And what do you think?" I asked

"Well, he looks better! He looks younger!" she says.

What she doesn't tell me is what she said to him.

"Poppy, now you can get the hot chicks!" 

She makes repeated trips back to the bedroom to look at him. He shares with me later that when she first saw him, she backed up and was a bit frightened.

She strokes his upper lip and where the mustache was. And we thought she might not notice!

She is in bed now for her 9 hours of rest. I'm ready to join her. A little time with Dave Lettermen and it will be lights out for me too.

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