Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall, Too Early to be Struck down with a Cold

We have fall and what to most may appear to be summer temperatures in many parts of the country, to us, we are enjoying fall. Temperatures have plummeted to the mid to high 80's. The leaves on the trees have started peppering the ground. It's just a light dusting of leaves right now but it's a start.

Knowing that Carrie had a doctor's appointment today, I hurriedly started and finished my chores this morning then changed into "presentable in public" wear and met up with the daughter at her house.

Carrie rode shotgun in the roadster. She prefers riding in it then to riding in her mother's jeep. Our wait in the office was minimal. We were escorted to the Pooh room. Apparently this was Carrie's first time in this one and she was interested in all the Pooh characters that were stuck randomly over the lime green wall. All four walls were painted lime green. This is not a room that I would want to spend hours and hours in but for a 15 minute spree, it was enjoyable.

Soon the doctor appears. She is a small oriental woman. Barely 4ft tall, her head appears lower then Carrie's while Carrie was sitting on the exam table. I watched as she examined her little patient. Soon Carrie had the giggles and the doctor giggled along with her. Patient and gentle, she questioned Carrie about how she was feeling. Carrie was treated as a patient capable of answering her own medical questions. Occasionally the doctor would look to the mom for an answer before turning her attention back to Carrie.

Antibiotics were ordered and two days relief from school were suggested. No pneumonia and her lower lung lobes were clear. Hopefully, the next two days off plus the weekend and she will be right as rain by Monday.

Leaving the office, Carrie headed for the roadster. She requested going to my house and that's what we did.

A few hours passed before the daughter appeared with the medicines. She waited for the prescriptions to be filled before she came to collect Carrie. I don't even attempt to give Carrie her medicines. It takes sternness which is better doled out by her mother. Amidst tears and a small amount of gagging, Carrie got the liquid antibiotic swallowed and chased it with some ice water.

She will not go to school again on Friday but instead go to spend the weekend with her father. Four days to rest up before going back to school, we are hoping she spends those days getting rest and lots of naps.

I'm off to pull my bike out of the shed and do a few laps around the neighborhood. The weather is right and my legs need some exercising!

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