Sunday, September 18, 2011

S&S (Saturday and Sunday)

What a beautiful day here! Another few degrees lower and the temperatures will be just right.

Yesterday we went to the fountain down town and let  Carrie cavort in the water that gushed intermittently into 14ft sprays of water. Benches made of iron but covered in plastic to make them bearable to sit on surround the fountain. I would like to suggest they offer some sort of shade above these benches but for now we sit in full sunshine and it doesn't take long before we are encouraging Carrie to leave the water and head for the park.

Carrie packed a picnic lunch of ham sandwiches, pudding and drinks so she didn't mind leaving the fountain. 

We headed for Girard Park and the playground there. We enjoyed our lunch and then she headed for the gym set. When I had soaked up enough of the heat, I called to her to get ready to leave. She didn't argue. I think the heat is too much for her too and she was ready to find some air conditioning.

Today is football day. Chicken and sausage are simmering on the grill. Carrie is bouncing around the house chattering to whomever she is the closest to. We are having a mild Saturday and that's fine with all involved.

Earlier when I picked Carrie up we swung by the Sonic for an ice cream treat. We selected a plain vanilla cone of ice cream and then tried to lick the dripping melting ice cream as the wind swirling inside the car on the ride to the house melted it faster then we could keep up. Buying a cone while driving a convertible might not have been a wise move. Giggling, we hurriedly got back to the house and dumped the messy cone into a bowl where a spoon was used to slurp up the liquefied cone. Carrie is spending the night. Her mom has a date to go see  a movie.
0200 and Carrie is stumbling around the house calling for me. I call for her to let her know I'm in the master bedroom. She climbs into bed with me and says "Nanny, I hate to ask but my throat hurts."

"I'll go get you something cold to drink. It's alright. I don't mind." I say as I swing my legs out of bed and prepare to stumble into the kitchen for a cold Sprite. I poured it into a sip cup for her and headed back to the bedroom. She was restless so I loaded her on my back and we went back to her room where we crawled into bed. I tucked the sheets around her and kept very quiet until she drifted off to sleep which only took minutes.

She wasn't interested in going home today. Her mother called and insisted she return to her house so I handed her the telephone and let her receive the bad news first hand. I don't want to be the bad guy by telling her she has to go home.

The afternoon was spent watching football and Law and Order. I flip back and forth between the two and sometimes forget that I'm watching two things at once. A commercial appears and it reminds me it's time to change channels again.

Dinner will be take out from some where close to the house. The snacks of cheese poppers and fried cheese logs will hold us until dinner time.  I'm off to cruise the television channels and investigate a nap.

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