Friday, September 23, 2011

Ann Wrage and there IS a reason

Wyoming in the later '70's through the mid 80's was caught up in a surge of oil exploration and production. As happens in any "boom" area, jobs were plentiful and employees were scarce. A boom town will attract men that can't find a job any where else specially those on the run from the law or fresh out of prison with  job prospects nil.

The remainder of the workers were people seeking a better job then what they had in the states they left far behind.

Into the maelstrom we arrived to work this boom. Finding friends is usually a task that entails time. Not so in a boom town; most of us were there away from family and friends and everyone was open to making friends.

As follows all booms, a bust in the late '80's sent most of these workers scurrying to other areas of the United States; this town impacted with homes that couldn't be paid for and businesses that lost the major amount of their revenues from the people fleeing in search of jobs.

As we scattered to different states, connections were shattered and we drifted away from the friends we shared time with there.

The years have passed too quickly it seems. We were too busy to notice them flying by. Our jobs and children kept us busy and one day those children were grown and making their own lives while raising their own children.

One day a message is sent and received and an old friend has finally found their way to connect and that connection was accomplished by a search on Face book.

Once again, an old friend from Casper, Wyoming has wandered the web until a connection was made this week. She found me by doing a search for my daughter. She could remember her last name and as mine has changed since those years spent in Casper, the daughter's name was easier to find.

For future reference, I'll title this post with the name I used all those years ago in the hope that anyone searching for that person will find their way to this page and email me at

I'll do a Google search later to check to see if this page occurs when doing a search for Ann Wrage.

Here's hoping anyone searching for me will find me. I thoroughly enjoy reestablishing those connections for that time.

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  1. Love things like this. Love connections, especially with old friends.


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