Friday, September 9, 2011

Home and Gone Again

We got home, unpacked, loaded the washer with the laundry from the past week and I headed for the shed to get the lawn tractor. Racing around, I mowed the front and back and cranked up the weed eater to do the trim work. The husband says "Hey, slow down. We are not going any where." I nodded at him and kept moving. The following day was spent indoors cleaning floors, stripping the bed and doing more laundry.

Late on the second evening of being home, the husband's phone chimes and I listen as he talks to a client. He hangs up the phone, turns and says to me "I'm leaving tomorrow for Oklahoma. Are you going?"

And here we are in Bartlesville, Oklahoma after a 10 hr drive. I'm sequestered in a Holiday Inn with the option to rent a car should I feel the need. The back of this hotel adjoins a mall. There will be small restaurants where I can have lunch. I have my iPad, internet access, a pool and a weight room. Coffee is served 24 hrs. a day.  I'll be fine. I'm off to get showered and dressed and go exploring.


  1. Yeah but they dont have that Louisiana Cheesecake you love so much.

  2. :-)

    I think that sounds fantastic. I adore travel.



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