Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday and Fall is In the Air

The Jeep coughed and groaned and died. She needed a battery and a battery she got. The daughter's vehicle sputtered to a stop and would only roar with a set of jumper cables connected from it to the Grand Marquis. She is up and about and doing much  better. The daughter? Not so much. It appears that she had developed quite the head cold, the headache tremendous thanks to the sinus cavities that are overflowing.

I had Carrie spend the night relieving the daughter of the responsibility of getting up early this morning to get her off to school. I called to check on the daughter this morning but not early morning. It was almost noon and she sounded terrible.

Grabbing a can of chicken noodle soup, I headed to her house to administer medicinally the cure for the common cold. If not a cure, it's a signal of comfort to the sick.

While there I folded some laundry for her and left her to rest for the afternoon. I'll call later today to see if she wants Carrie to spend the night again.

The husband hadn't put away the pressure washer and before he did, I popped the hood on the Grand Marquis and did a little engine cleaning and used the air compressor to blow out the air cleaner. I'll work on the inside of the car tomorrow.

Night time temperatures are now in the high 60's and the next few days, a mid to high 80 is forecast and I couldn't be more thrilled. We are having some welcome fall weather. It's about time and truth be told, it's a bit early for us here to start cooling down. I'm not complaining and I won't be surprised at more hot days in the future. I'll enjoy what we have right now and be joyful.

I'm watching the LSU/Mississippi State ball game. I'm off to watch the finish.

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  1. Thank you Mom ... You are Appreciated, I love you!


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