Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Might Need a Haitus?

I thought fall had arrived but it appears to have reversed itself right back into summer. I've been waiting on cooler temperatures before cleaning out the little house. Today I visited the little house along with the daughter and after opening the door and peeking inside, I stepped back outside and pulled the door shut. This seems to be my normal reaction to what's in that building.

I had all intentions of taking pictures of the furniture in there and posting them to Craig's List but instead I've decided to donate all the furniture to a family of five. I need to keep the water bed that is now over 30 yrs old?  Rugs, chest of drawers and miscellaneous pieces that will never get used again and all of it will be loaded out this weekend to a new location. I'm ready to let go of everything; cathartic to purge. I like cleared spaces. Too much clutter has never been something  I endure well. I want to shake it off and move away from too much "stuff".

A few days have passed since I started this post. I'm moving in a series of stops and starts with mostly stops which prevent me from completing much of anything. The shed/house got cleared out, cleaned and organized.

We did more shopping for the upcoming birthday party for Carrie. The dollars are racking up. Pinatas, balloons, plates, snacks, food along with helium pump to inflate the balloons, and all the supplies to make the three tier cake has been gathered and stored here until the decorating and baking time arrives.

Carrie is excited about her party. She has delivered invitations with RSVP requests. We haven't received a phone call yet to confirm. Maybe we should have put a definition on those cards as to what RSVP means?

I have a gallon of white semi gloss enamel paint that has been riding around in the trunk of my car since last Saturday. All intentions of painting woodwork when it was purchased but another of those procrastinated projects that haven't been started. Time is running out. Carrie is having her birthday party in my yard in a week or so and as it needs the planning committee (April) has assigned projects for me to do.

And here it is..a full three days since I started this posting and procrastinated on finishing it and the temperatures are fall like again. I think I heard rain during the night and the welcomed 60's temperatures have given the a/c unit a break for now. Strange to not have the background noise of the a/c humming and sputtering.

I'm posting this tonight. Senseless and pointless as it might be, I'm done with it. I've opened this post numerous times to finish it and I now realize it isn't going to get much better then what it is now. Goodnight.

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