Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ultrasound at LGMC this Morning

Strange title you might think but it's how I reference back to what was happening on this date when the bills start coming in. Hospital bills arrive with the doctors name on it and some of these doctors you never see nor do you know they are doing anything with your records until the bill arrives. The bill never notes what the procedure was; we are told to check the date on the bill and then remember what we had done on that date.

The radiologist will read this ultrasound. I will never meet him or her but a bill will arrive with their name on it and the date of service. I have a system now. This blog is part of that system. I can reference the date back to this blog and what was being done.

Today with this ultrasound, as with the chemo day, it brings to the forefront my condition. I think "condition" sounds so less severe then using the "c" word. Usually once a month on chemo day, I have to embrace this condition. Most of the time I move along in my life maintaining a "pre-diagnosis" activity level.

April and the husband will  accompany me. I have one more week until another round of chemo is started then I'll be down to one more run. It won't be over; it will just be time to move to the second chemo for the following six months. 
I'm ploughing along.

It's time to get a soothing bath. I've noticed my hair on my head getting a bit thinner; the hair on my legs now look thicker then what is on my head. It might be time to find some soap and a razor.

Time to move along. 

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