Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cisplatin and his buddy Taxtera

It's been over a week since the new chemo was started. Soon afterwards, my tongue felt as though I had drank a scalding cup of coffee. My tongue feels raw. Eating hasn't been a pleasure. Not only was the tongue sensitive, but the metal taste was another turn off. Add that to the spells of nausea, and this week following chemo has had it's moments. I am taking this in stride. I've seen much worse reactions to the chemo.

When I made a visit to see the PA and the subject of the sore tongue came up, an order for Magic Mouthwash was started.  I visited my family doctor later the same day and Nexium was ordered to go along with the Carafate for the stomach ulcer. My pill case is now an embarrassment. I would love to not take some of them  but I can't drop any of them right now. I'm hoping the stomach clears up which might give me the opportunity to rid myself of two of them.
I am a food tester now. I get to eat two bites of a meal. If my stomach doesn't do flips, then I get to eat. If the stomach rebels, I just shove the plate away and try again in a few hours. My appetite is fine. I get hungry and just hope my stomach cooperates.

I'm a long way from being emaciated. I do  eat when the stomach cooperates in hopes of staving off too much weight loss as I progress through this process.

Restarted: I think I started this post about three days ago. My blogging has headed south and for what reason I'm clueless. For one thing, I think I have been helping Pat a lot. She is setting up a mobile home for her son when he returns from the "big house". This house will be smaller but with oh so much more privacy  then what was afforded from the last place he lived. We have been replacing door knobs, hanging curtains and sheers, patching nail holes in the walls and moving furniture. I hang out with her for a few hours then head home for an afternoon nap which never comes to fruition. I doze for a few minutes then I'm alert and engaged with some television show.

The rain poured this afternoon. I watched as it sheeted off this gutterless house. Gutters have been removed, while fascia board is replaced.

The husband is still on a rig in west Texas. Last night was a big storm event there. His rig was evacuated as nobody is allowed on them when there is a big storm in the area. Three rigs were not evacuated and were struck by lightening. Five people were hospitalized. Hail bounced off his new pickup. I could hear him whimpering in the phone. Satellite outages left him without Internet and television. I wanted to watch Bill Maher with him last night but instead we spent time texting each other.

His inspection of his truck after the lightening storm failed to show any hail damage. He just called to report the rig was running once again and after over a million dollars to get it up and running. He has been sitting around for over 106 hours waiting on rig repairs.

I'm boring myself silly with this post. It's time to call a halt and post. G'night..


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