Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22 and an Update

It has been six days since I started the new chemo. I was warned of bone pain that might appear from the injection of neupoblastin that was given on Wednesday right after the Tuesday chemo run.

I waited for Wednesday morning and the pain. I had taken the Claritin as ordered and apparently it worked or else this was one side effect that was going to be spared me. I am grateful.

My appetite remains good. The problem is my tongue feels as though I have drank a cup of scalding hot coffee.
I conjure up food that appeals to me and as soon as I sit down at the table and take a forkful to my mouth, I realize once again that the taste I was expecting is absent. This chemo has affected my taste.

Hair? I expected it to be gone by now or at least huge chunks of it to be found in the tub after my showers. I think I've bolstered myself up and am ready to be chromed out.

I have an appointment tomorrow with the Physician's assistant to check my blood levels. We will be mostly concerned about the platelets and the WBC's (white blood cells). I might become immunosuppressed which becomes dangerous should an infection appear.

That's my update..very clinical and very dry.
I'm done here.

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