Monday, July 15, 2013

Again...Number 5 of 6

Tomorrow is another chemo day. When that day looms large in my horizon, I get moody. Maybe it's depression but whatever it is, I feel myself plunging downward. I have to put on the brakes and get a grip. I've analyzed this feeling. I believe for the three weeks post chemo, I make myself not think about my condition. I move along with my life ignoring that next chemo date. When it arrives, it all slams home again and I begin to get teary, frightened and depressed.

I can't help but think about all the chemicals being poured into my body and what it is affecting. The older one gets, the more protective of their body they become. I lived through the chemical age of the sixties and early seventies. Smoking cigarettes and things that weren't tobacco, my healthy body was assaulted. I think cigarettes were the worst thing I could have been doing to my body at that time. Thankfully those are in the past.

I'm, of course, watching the development of the legalization of pot. Though it may be legalized, it doesn't stop the employer from drug testing and refusing employment for a positive drug test. That's the best reason for not being a pot head. Is having a good job reason enough to give it up? We thought so and that's what we did.

I'm up early and I have the sprinkler on the flower beds. I'm getting it done before the sun rises and the humidity makes breathing a chore. The most positive thing is we are midway through July and facing August. By the time August arrives, I've had enough of our lovely summer. I'm more then ready to dive into fall but that won't happen until December.

Today I will drink lots of iced drinks, eat some ice cream and run through some water fountains for tomorrow will be the beginning of seven days of abstaining from all of the above.

Maybe I'll make that movie matinee today. I'm off to finish the watering of the flowers. I must not forget the garden needs a drink also. I'm much better this year at remembering to water the garden. It's the wonderful tomatoes that I have enjoyed from it. I want to keep those plants producing. It's almost time to pick the eggplants. I'm going to find a recipe for preparing eggplant.

It's time to move the sprinkler. I'm gone!

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