Saturday, July 13, 2013

0430 or Why Am I up so Early?

Saturday and a hot one is predicted. What do I plan on doing this weekend? Why should I be expected to do anything with temperatures pushing the heat index to 107 degrees. Staying in my air conditioned house. Why waste all the cool air?

This is a good time to water the flowers and shrubs in the front of the house. I set a timer on my phone for 8 minutes at which time I moved the sprinkler. This keeps me entertained for about an hour. I have to set an alarm. In the past I have not only blown up eggs that were on to boil but I've also wasted truckloads of water that gushed down the street before I noticed I had not stopped the watering. I now set an alarm...always!

I shy away from waste and bad odors. The boiled eggs that exploded all over the stove took days to get that odor out of the house. I just paid the water bill and trained myself on setting that timer.

The husband leaves this morning (in a few more minutes) for his long drive to west Texas. I hesitate to capitalize the word "west" as there is a town in west Texas that is named "West".

Haboobs. My new word for today. It's a dust storm and the word originated from the Middle Eastern countries. A Haboob just rolled through Phoenix. I've had the pleasure of being caught in one in that area. It's never a good thing when sand lines the inner part of your mouth. Roll the windows up you might say? You realize in a sand storm how many air leaks there are in an auto and that sand finds it's way into everyone of those spaces. Add that to zero visibility on the highway and it's much like being caught in a ground blizzard in Wyoming or Colorado; none of which are my favorite things to experience.

I am off to water the garden and check on the eggplants.
I might need a nap around 1000 hrs.

The husband just pulled away from the driveway. He will be on the road all day today unless the coordinator calls him and turns him back to the house.

The garden..that's where I will be for the next half hour.
I'm beating the sun.

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