Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sometimes knowing too much is NOT a good thing.

The husband and the daughter and I climbed into the Dodge and headed out for the 4 minute trip to the hospital where the ultrasound was scheduled.

We unloaded at the front door while the husband went to park the truck. Signing in at the front desk, we took a seat in the waiting room. The outpatient clerk would call us in to be preadmitted to outpatient status. Mere minutes passed and my name was called. After fulfilling paperwork requirements and getting my wristband attached it was back to the waiting room to sit with the husband who had now arrived and the daughter. Another 5 minutes and my name was being called by the rad tech (radiology technician who does the actual scanning).

I was ushered into the ultrasound room, handed a gown and instructed on removing my shirt and bra in the bathroom.

Back to the tech where she immediately started the scan. I had questions as usual. I wanted to know about the two big tumors that the surgeon mentioned and the oncologist kept checking for shrinkage.

She said "what tumors?" I said "the ones mid center of my right breast."

She looked at me and said "There isn't any tumors there. We are checking the axillary area."

I told her about the surgeon's comment and the oncologists check to see if the tumors were shrinking from the chemo and she said once again "There isn't any tumors there. The first ultrasound you had showed nothing."

I will inform my oncologist on the 16th of this month when I have a visit with her that she can quit checking the mid line of my  right breast. My trust in the medical personnel just took a huge nose dive today.

When I shared this with the daughter, she said "Well, maybe the medicine you are taking did what it was supposed to do and shrank the tumors."

"No", I said. The FIRST ultrasound showed NO tumors there so there was nothing to shrink." It all goes back to comparison. That's why I took my records in. The radiologist would have had to call St. Mary's Imaging where I had the first ultrasound so he could  do comparisons on tumor size. I had my own copy of those scans so I took them with me this morning.

The tech read the report from the first ultrasound and said "There isn't any mention of tumors in the mid line and nothing on film shows anything."

I'm convinced. I'll have a conversation next Tuesday. I'll update this blog at that time!

I'm off to shampoo the roadster. She needs a bath. The husband leaves town tomorrow so he is busy getting all his stuff packed and his truck ready for this job. I'll have the weekend to myself. Carrie will be with her dad. I might have to spend the weekend in movie theatres hid away from the heat! I'm excited.

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