Thursday, December 29, 2011

Creeping toward The Years End

I can smell the tacos. The hamburger, seasoned and spooned into the corn tortillas that have been fried in hot oil and shaped into a "U" to hold the meat, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese have started the tastebuds  gasping. I'm hungry.

The husband is cooking. For the past two evenings we have gorged on fast food from McDonalds' and Burger King. I have to say, it was a nice change. Occasionally a nice greasy burger and some crisp fries hit the spot. The best part of the burger experience is the lack of leftovers.

Cooking for two people leaves enough leftovers for too many days following. Since I'm the only one here that will eat them, we waste too much food. I cringe everytime I open the refrigerator door and see all those plastic containers of leftovers that will soon merge with the garbage disposal.  I say we eat out more often. The kitchen would stay cleaner, the dish detergent would last longer and my fridge would have empty shelves which would save on cooling all those leftovers that will eventually get trashed anyway.

I have the arguments. I don't have an audience that will listen. The husband likes to cook and there in lies the problem.

I've had a relatively quiet day. More Christmas decorations were packed away. I had time to give some attention to my GPS.  The GPS update disc I got for Christmas defeated me. I couldn't load it into my GPS to update the maps. It's really not that critical for me that I have the latest updates but it is for the husband. His GPS guides him to the nearest hotels while he is on his trips for business.

I deleted most of the different languages from it to obtain more space but it still wasn't good enough. The maps required more space.

 The husband went off to Walmart and bought a new one for himself. He will gift his old one to the daughter. I will keep the one I have; it will serve me well based on the small amount of traveling I do alone now.

I'm sick of being sick. I'm on the mend except for the sinus problem. I can hear my heart beat in my ears. When I talk my voice echoes from a barrel or at least that's the way it sounds to me. I've been told that living in a humid climate long enough will eventually cause these problems. I can imagine creepy crawly things growing in the fungus and mold that line my sinus cavities. I tilt my head back while standing in front of a mirror to inspect my nostrils. I'm relieved each time I don't find a green moss crawling out to rest on my lip.

I have a very active imagination.

It's very quiet on the job scene here. The husband has the next week free and commented that if I wanted to go some where, this would be the time to do it. I haven't a clue where I would like to escape to on this side of the pond. If it were early spring, a trip abroad would be high on my list but a week is not long enough. 

I'm off to watch some television. Why break the momentum I've had going all day? Now where is that sinus pill..... 


  1. Sinus/ear problems=no fun. Have you considered a neti pot? Seriously. Not hard to do and flushes you right out. Frankly, I'm surprised we (Americans) aren't all over this!

    Happy New Year!


  2. I have a Neti Pot..haven't used it for a while though. Lots of news out on them and cautioning against using tap water in them..seems to be causing some sort of damage..neuro/brain? Anyway..I'm gonna use distilled water.....add the sodium and giver er a spin today. Thanks for the reminder!


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