Saturday, December 17, 2011

and Continued

I've hugged the sofa most of this day. With remote control in hand and a warm fuzzy blanket to wrap around myself, the ceiling fan pushes cool air over me for those times when a hot flash attacks and I rip the blanket off to cool down.

It has been quiet here today except for the television that is always on, sometimes with sound and sometimes muted. The husband stays in the bedroom  buried in his book "Mac for Dummies" where he is learning to do his Office program on a Mac instead of a PC. When he becomes proficient on the Mac, he won't have to carry two laptops on his jobs. The mini scanner he carries is compatible with his Mac and so is the mini printer that travels with him. That saves him a few more hundred dollars on replacing them.

I'm finishing up my evening by watching the local college team play their bowl game in New Orleans. It's been over 40 yrs since this college has had a season that allows them to have a bowl game. Amazing what a new coach will do for a team.

I'm going to put myself to bed right after I swallow a handful of pills that are supposed to help with the sneezes and the snorting and the headaches. With a little luck I may even be able to breath while I sleep.
I'm done..

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