Thursday, December 15, 2011

Had I Known

My pointless inexcusable whining would have been stifled. Had I known that the weather, be it too hot or too cold was only a matter of dressing appropriately for it and not a reason to complain.

This morning I have a reason to whine. My head is being held in a vise causing my ears to pop and my ear drums to flutter from theri moorings and along with the flutter comes a giant twitch of pain.

My sinuses swing from being a spout that has been left in the open position to a hermetically sealed vault trapping all that drainage and shoving it up towards  my ear drums.

I have moments of clarity short lived and then I'm dosing off again while sniffling and snorting and moaning.

Mouth breathing leads to a sore throat, dried mucous membranes in the mouth  which only adds to the crappiness I'm feeling here.

It's time for me to swallow a few more pills..drink a Alka Seltzer solution and let the Ambin kick in. If you will  excuse me, I'll be leaving the room to find a place to plant myself. 
I have to leave right now..the Ambien is kickin in, the eyelids are barely open and I'm on my way to 7 hrs of sleep. g'night...


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