Saturday, December 3, 2011

SEC Champs

I would hardly classify myself as a gung ho football fan. I'll sit still for an LSU game and most of the Saints games. My husband gorges all weekend on all the games played and so do a few female friends of mine. The husband is in Arkansas on a job and I'm home alone.

This afternoon around 1430 I crept upon the sofa and settled in to watch LSU play Georgia for the SEC Championship game. It was touted as an easy win for LSU and the husband assured me there was nothing to worry about on this one. The first half of the game the Tigers made NOT ONE down. I had to listen to the announcers repeat this over and over and watch as the Bulldogs put 10 points on the board.

I looked around for my car keys. It was time to go shopping. 

The second half of the game started and from there it was all game for the Tigers. The Bulldogs didn't make another point while the Tigers fired up the scoreboard for a total that ended the game in the high 40's while the Bulldogs had their 10 points from the first half of the game. LSU collected their trophy along with the title and the party was on. The best part of this was that I spent the last half of the game with the neighbors and their usual group of friends where the wine, beer and snacks were plentiful.

The pot of Gumbo I had left simmering on the stove was ready for the chicken and sausage to be added. Right now I'm waiting for it to reach the finish line so I can store it in the freezer for the daughter and then go to bed.  While I'm waiting, I may as well watch the Big 12 play their championship game. The Oregon Ducks and UCLA are playing and the fourth quarter has the Ducks at 49 and UCLA at 24. It's obvious who will be picking up that trophy.

I'm full now..of football. I've had enough. I only allow a few hours for it and that time has been spent.

I'm trolling the channels for some mindless entertainment before I call it a day and head for the bedroom. I'm done.

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