Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Catch Up

Somebody should have told me. I've been trying to post blog link to Face book and two days of trying different things have left me with a few more grey hairs. Finally this evening I tried the new version of blogger which had been encouraging me to update to it for months now. I've denied those changes. We all hate change and nobody more then me. All else failing, I switched and Voila...success. I could hit the Face book tab at the end of my post and it behaved as it was designed to. Now I can obsess about something new for a while.

Since Christmas Eve, we have had cold weather and if that wasn't bad enough it had to be raining the whole time. Again on Christmas day and the day after and finally today there was sunshine. The mercury is climbing and we are headed for more normal weather. My bones will appreciate this.

I'm not usually a procrastinator. Christmas is barely a memory when I have the tree dismantled, all the other decorations shoved into a container and hauled back to storage. Not so this year. The tree still stands, the space beneath bare of all packages. The hearth has all the stuffed Santa's and elfs lined up and waiting.

The metal deer still stand on the lawn. The husband took down the lights that rimmed the roof line. I'll get to it tomorrow. 

Today we made tamales. We found a new market or at least it was new to us. Masa was purchased premixed, cheese and green chilis was spread on corn husks and steamed. This is not a favorite chore. Anything that requires more then 5 minutes of my time to prepare will never be a favorite thing for me to be doing in the kitchen. 

Tamales are a  Christmas tradition. I've skipped making them for the past few years. Today was a catch up day.

Carrie left today to spend the next 5 days with her dad unless I can talk her into coming home early. I'll give her a few days there then call and offer to go get her. I'm trying to think up suitable bribes that might get her to agree to come home. Shame on me. I know she enjoys her time with her dad and gets so excited when she can spend time with him.

Isn't three days sufficient?

It's a little past my bedtime. I'm tired. I'm sleepy..and I'm gone.

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