Thursday, December 29, 2011

Testing..Yet Again...Dang Computers!

Whatever the illness that has been spreading like a house on fire, it's still hangin out here. Almost everyone I know has it and has had it for weeks. I can feel my heartbeat throbbing in my ears. My sinus cavities are not cavity like.

Ear pressure, pressure behind my eyes and the aching head keep me confined to the sofa. 

It's now 3 days post Christmas and I still had the tree and the decorations spread around the living room. Even with the head aches and the other discomforts, I packed everything in it's containers and dragged them to the little house for storage.

I miss the lights. It looks a bit dull here in the house.

........and to continue the next day..
I'm waiting for my turn for the shower. The hubby is getting a new GPS and I'm hanging on to the one I have. We tried uploading new maps to them and found they don't have enough memory to be upgraded. It's a shame that was discussed while paying for that new upgrade....

I'm going to keep my old one for a while. The husband needs the most current one because of his frequent travels. That's how he finds the motels on his trips...the new motels.

I'm off to take some sinus medicine and hopefully get out of this house for a while. I'm also anxious to see if cleaning out all the bugs on this laptop will allow me now to post the link via the icon at the end of this to Facebook. Here goes! 

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