Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Chemo #3 in 2014

Last week I had a lab and a doctors appointment. The white blood cells were too low to do chemo. Instead I was put on antibiotics. Another appointment was scheduled for labs today. Usually labs are done on Tuesday and chemo on Wednesday. Today the labs were good and they shipped me right over to the infusion center which I wasn't expecting.

While waiting I decided I would take Klonopin (sp). I stuck my finger in the bottle, one stuck to my finger which was transferred to my mouth. A sip of water and I thought I had swallowed it. When I stood up at my name being called, a pill rolled off me and hit the floor. Not being one adverse to the 5 second rule of blowing on it and ingesting it, I grabbed it and swallowed it. I thought that it was the one I had put in my mouth earlier and it had escaped. Thinking back, I realized the one on the floor was DRY. Had it been in my mouth and slipped out, would it not have been a bit moist?
I slept through most of the chemo administration. Something I have never done before. Based on that, I surmise that was an extra pill that stuck to my finger upon extraction from the pill bottle.

I slept most of the afternoon when I got home.

A quick bike ride in the misting rain, and then dinner of a grilled chicken and salad for my healthy eating goal.

One more chore. I went out and cleaned some more on the shed. It is neat and tidy and the Treks were stored there for safety. There has been a lot of home invasions lately and leaving those bikes behind the locked 8ft board fence still doesn't leave me comfortable with them being there. I'm going to find the keys to that "little house" (shed) and lock it up. Thieves are everywhere now and armed and dangerous. Big towns and little towns, it makes no difference.

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