Monday, May 5, 2014

Good Morning Monday!

I have been slacking. Not only have I been slacking but I've been slack. Chemo run and a  hemorrhoid visit was on Wednesday. It was a busy day. Just some FYI....banding a hemorrhoid is painless. It's a bit embarrassing to have it done; the position and the area of focus leaves one wishing they were miles away. The good part of this is that it only takes about 60 seconds to perform this procedure. I, the ever curious, watched it on You Tube. This might not be for everyone. Moving along...

I slept. Thursday, Friday and Saturday I could be found tangled in sheets and blankets, remote control in hand, sometimes asleep and sometimes gazing numbly at the television. The Chemo tires me. My red blood cell count is low adding to the exhaustion I feel. Occasional bouts of nausea minus vomiting and I'm hiding out for those days.

Sunday was the day I promised myself to get showered and dressed in street clothes. Shedding the pajamas, showered and dressed, I reentered the world of the "stressed out, employed and serving the public" world.

I shopped. Boring stuff like paper towels in cases, toilet paper in cases, these things I stock up on and the supply was running low. Our temperatures have exceeded 80 degrees and it felt good to be out in the sunshine.

It's 0400 hrs. and I've made a early start to this day. I plan on staying out of bed and on the move. I'll busy myself with washing and cleaning autos. I'm done with slacking.

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