Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Galveston, Oh Galveston

It's Schlitterbalm time! The trip is on! Each year at this time we celebrate Ted's birthday by a trip to Galveston to visit the huge water park there. Carrie loves it. This year we are enjoying Lesie along with us.
This park allows you to bring in a cooler. Mine has wheels as the trudge across the park can be long.
Travel will be a big part of this year hopefully. The husband has been so busy the past few years; the chemo has kept me grounded close to home. We have trips planned to celebrate the end of treatment and to spend some of those paychecks that have been put away. I still need to shop for a new car, something I dread doing again.

In the fall we will be going abroad. We are making plans to return to Italy and maybe this time to Greece. Statewide travel will be a trip "out west". California here we come!
Hopefully summer trips will be with the kids close to home; maybe weekends or whenever the grandchildren can schedule time off from their jobs.
Ted finishes his second year of college and will matriculate on into the University this coming fall. Carrie will move into the third grade.
It seems the older they get, the busier and the less time we get to spend together. We now have to schedule our summer outings around when they can get time off from their jobs.
Ted and Lesie make phone calls to check on me and occasionally I find them at my door, stopping by for a cold drink and a quick hug.
It's time for some park fun!

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