Sunday, June 1, 2014

Taking it Off...

When did it become "not so important" to be svelte, long and lean? It wasn't a conscious decision. It wasn't an immediate happening.

My strict "no carb" way of living and portion control gave way to potatoes, rice and gravy and chocolates in uncontrolled amounts. Cakes and cookies soon followed. Dining at a buffet, restricted to once a month if at all, was now not given a thought to the last time visited. Wonderful French breads and pastries, shrimp or oyster po'boys on these French breads; it should come as no surprise the change of diet since moving to this part of the USA and the size of clothing I now wear. Add cracklins and boudain and all was lost.
Subtract all the physical exercise that is no longer part of my daily routine and we have a recipe for disaster.

Two major surgeries, lots of carbs and large portions along with nada on the exercise and I'm calling a halt to the craziness.

I've decided to eliminate. One week it's the pastas, the next I subtract the sweets and breads all the while watching portions. It didn't take long to drop six pounds.

I'm trying to set a realistic goal of "taking it off" and not become discouraged at the time I know this will take. I don't want to tag this as a "diet" as we all know diets never work. I prefer to call it "a change to healthier eating habits".
I start my mornings with one strip of bacon and one or two scrambled eggs. No longer do I have the two slices of toast smothered in butter and strawberry jam. The oblong of hash browns went the way of the toast and jam. Protein, protein, and more protein. Lots of green veggies with a meat for lunch and dinner.
The husband, who loves to cook, has to be reined in on what to cook now. Sometimes he will prepare two separate meals as in his dinner last night. He had tacos carbon, grilling the skirt steak on the grill and wrapping them in corn tortillas while my grilled T-bone steak cooked alongside his skirt steak. A little steamed broccoli and a T-bone and I was more then satisfied. This way of eating agrees with me as what I give up is the things I like least to eat. I'm a meat and veggies person; preferring to give up desserts and breads for those two things.
I'm trying to increase my intake of water, another difficult thing for me to do. I don't ingest enough liquids of any kind.

Pulled pork is on the menu for today. I'll have mine sans sandwich bread with fresh cauliflower.

When eating out, portion control will be practiced. "To Go" containers will be utilized, providing multiple meals for the days following. Restaurant portions are outlandishly huge.

Bike rides and walks around the neighborhood for a little exercise and DISTRACTION.

20 days to break a habit? Hopefully, snacking will be one of the habits broken.
It's time to ride. The rain has abated for the moment but will soon return. I must get moving.

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