Sunday, May 25, 2014

It's Heating Up Here in the Deep South!

..and what better time then to spend it on a bike in the hot sunshine, slathered in sweat and seeking a breeze by pedaling quickly along the route.

I will be doing early morning and late afternoon rides. We went to Capital Bike yesterday and bought the bike I had looked at last week. A 17.5 frame Trek Verve 1. A nice solid black, the hybrid rides softly and quickly.

I haven't rode for over a year. The past week has found me walking. I'm determined to get some strength back in my legs. The bike will help with this too. A friend in the neighborhood wants to ride with me but that won't happen for a while. He can clip off 30 miles on a ride. I'm lucky to do 2 miles right now.

By direction of the husband, I downloaded an app for my phone called Bike Meter. You can mount your phone on your bike and turn on that app and it will clock your mileage and the route you take and the calories burned. I won't have to buy a trip meter. I did buy a water bottle carrier this morning. My 2 mile trip found me stopping at the one mile mark for water with a friend and on the way back another stop. 

We just got back from a ride. A whole mile and a lot of sweat and I was exhausted. The quads were burning. I'm so disgusted that I have lost all the strength gained from riding over a year ago. I'll continue to add a little more mileage..or at this rate, feet and yards to my trips.

I've also dropped the top on the roadster and taken it out a few times. It is one of the vehicles on recall because of the ignition thing but I've been told that using just the key only in the ignition should allow it to be safe to drive. Should you hear of me eating a big ole oak tree here, please notify someone that the "key only" information was bogus.
I'm off to the daughters' house to see Carrie. I'll not be on the bike on this trip. My legs have had enough for today!


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