Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Brilght and beautiful!

We are busy here. I'm trying to "LOOK" busy while the husband is really busy. He cranked up the power washer yesterday and set about washing the driveway and sidewalks. Today it's the patio. Carrie's artwork, the one she promised would wash right off, is now but a bare shadow on the concrete of the patio. The bright blue paint she used was not "wash right off" kind. I was going to get some muriatic acid to get it off had the power washer not done the job.

Carrie is finally back in school. Friday, Monday and Tuesday was holidays for her. I think she called it "fall break". She spent Monday and Tuesday with me while her mother worked. We made some awesome brownies and some messy popsicles. She had seen the popsicle instructions on some show she was watching on TV. Ice cube trays filled with a Pesi, covered in plastic with Popsicle sticks embedded in them, we slid them into the freezer. After two hours, we pulled them out and inserted the sticks again into the half frozen mixture. Another hour or so and they were ready to eat. She ate ONE! It's not the eating she is interested in but the art of constructing them. Anyone for a Popsicle?

It's definitely fall here. The temperatures are in the mid 80's. Our cold snap has come and gone and the a/c is humming it's energy zapping tune not to mention the dollars it's racking up.

This week is flying by. Next week will be here all too soon.
This time next week I will be prepping for surgery. Oh happy day!

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