Sunday, October 27, 2013

Holy Doomsday!

This day started out with a bit of sunshine which quickly lost it's lead to overcast skies. I waited for the rain to start and here it is 12 hrs. later and there is still no moisture besides the drip from the bathtub fixture.

I've given up on the rain and sunshine. It's chilly here to I've been hibernating and watching television. Somewhere during my TV channel surfing, I've come upon a show that I've been absolutely amazed by.

I've heard of the Doomsday Preppers or "Preppers" as they are most commonly known. Today has been an eye opening day. There are many reasons they have aligned with "doomsday' ranging from a government takeover, a nuclear attack, a natural disaster that wipes out our power grid (think asteroid) and the one thing each one has in common is supplies and protection of those supplies. The wilderness guy dressed in buckskins, living on 30 acres with a wife and three children gathers road kill for food. This is practice in the event there is nothing else to eat. He has his own ways of determining if it's rotten or edible. He trains his children on the use of hand weapons, axes and sharpened sticks thrown sideways, shelters from sticks and leaves and fire starting without benefit of matches or lighters.

Another couple fears a government takeover. Rooms are stocked with food supplies to last 3 yrs. and of course the prerequisite firearms to protect these supplies. These people range in age from the young to the middle age and elderly. They train their children to expect the worst. Their lives are filled with their parents fears.

One Prepper stated that her prepping takes up 4 hrs. of her daily activities. A trainer in New York City, assisting other Preppers on escaping the city should another attack occur, has been a Prepper for the past 25 years.

I had no idea it was this intense or that these people were so convinced of the need for a doomsday shelter.

You might think these were uneducated people? Not so. A real estate developer and engineer is building 14 story apartment building underground. These apartments will be sold for a hefty price to other people worried about surviving their own versions of what doomsday will be. This building will have a recreation area, a swimming pool and a huge water tank to supply this development.

Though I would like to leave the viewing of this, I can't turn away. I want to see the next couple and their version of doomsday.

Illegal border crossings, terrorists, hurricanes, tornadoes, nuclear bombs, nuclear power meltdowns and our own government issuing Marshall Law and confiscating every one's guns, the fear escalates and winds through their lives, consuming most of their free time.

Excuse me while I go roll the rain barrels beneath the downspouts, spend an extra 15,000.00 a year on groceries and batteries and pack my bug out bag.

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