Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tuesday and NO Chemo

The ultrasound and a partial MRI was done last week.  Monday rolled around and a phone call informed me that I was scheduled to see the doctor regarding those tests. My chemo regime is every three weeks and today (Tuesday) would have been the day I received another run of chemo. My appointments are always early in the morning. This appointment was scheduled for 11:30 A.M.  I suspected what the verdict would be and I wasn't disappointed.

The surgeon will be notified to put me on a surgery schedule. First he will have me visit him at his office to discuss this procedure. Am I ready?  I've known this was in my future and I've tried to ready myself. The tears flowed as I sat in that office today. I understand clinically what is going on. I can't stop the emotions.
 I'm waiting on that phone call.  I have no choice in this. Plan B is not an option.

The husband called as he usually does after his day of work is done.  He was very supportive. "This is what we have been waiting for. Let's get this done."

Another path to follow. Plan B is not an option.

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