Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ruston, Heat and Shades of Grey

this is a test....will this be saved? Yesterday I sat here at 0330 and wrote a blog worthy of a Pulitzer and don't ya know, when I went back to it to do some corrections, it wasn't saved. Maybe it wasn't Pulitzer worthy but it was mine and I can never retype again what once I have put to paper or in this the screen. (Just saved this little portion and did a "preview" and it was there. Nothing angers me more then to type a bunch of stuff and find it has disappeared into cyber space or worse, never even made it to cyber space.

I'm in Ruston Louisiana and have been here for a couple of days now. It's hot here as it is across the entire USA. Even the northern states are hotter then here in Louisiana. The husband is on a rig in Lilli and is staying in Ruston so I drove up in the roadster to hang out for a while. The pool looks inviting but I haven't made it there yet. The blast of heat when I approach the front door of this establishment is enough to send me scurrying back to my air conditioned room.

WV, my home state, just got hit by that massive storm that has left thousands without power in this dreadful weather. Trees are down, many of them across homes and power lines. 80 mph winds whipped across Ohio, WV,Pa., and Va. All of these states have thousands of people without electrical power and many won't see that service again for another week. I can sympathize. I live in hurricane country and know well the feeling of being without electricity in the hot humid south.

Again I am awake at an ungodly hour. I've been going to sleep by 2000 hrs and I think that's just too early for me. I automatically awaken after 6 hrs of sleep which rolls me out of bed much to early. The coffee at this hotel is dismally weak so I grabbed my car keys and drove to the Circle K a few blocks away to have myself a real cup of coffee. The parking lot here is full which means the hotel is bursting at the seams. When I rode the elevator down this morning, two gentlemen were getting off it just as I approached. The smell of alcohol that wafted off of them was enlightment enough without the notice of the beer cans each one of them was handling. I nodded a greeting and was thankful they were getting off the elevator instead of on it with me. It's party time for the class reunion folks that have arrived by the bus load to celebrate Lincoln High's class of "I have no clue what year" but judging by the looks of them it must have been many years ago that they sailed their mortar boards skyward.

For months now (watch out..quick change of subject now...note the switch to a new paragraph) I have heard about E.L. James best selling books.   Fifty Shades of Grey is the first book in this trilogy. I bought all three of them and have begun reading while here at the hotel.

Before buying them, women would recommend them with a sly grin but never explain what the books were about. I was curious. I have,  since purchasing them,  heard that they were discussed on some morning show on TV of which I missed seeing.

I have now finished the first of the trilogy and am now more then half way through the second one. Should you inquire of me what they are about, I shall explain in two words "soft porn".  Now that was easy wasn't it?  I scroll my memory back to the women that shyly recommended these books to me and wonder if these books were their first introduction to this kind of material and if after reading them were they disappointed or enlightened  about their sexual relations with their significant "others".  I am not a big fan of porn but as with all types of literature, I like to at least be informed so I didn't find these books as risque as I might have had I not been aware of many of the activities mentioned. I wonder at the women that read these books or are reading them, if they are years and years married to their only lover, were these books a lesson or a review?  For many, I fear they were a lesson and there lies my opinion on why you should never marry the first man you sleep with or worse yet, marry a man you have NEVER slept with.

My opinion of these books?  I find them repetitive and predictable. Of course the main characters are very rich, beautiful and brilliant. The women are all hot, young and willing. Rich man meets young innocent beauty and introduces her to BDSM. How many ways can one describe their sexual encounters?  From chapter to chapter, it's much like watching a porn flick. Repeat ad infinitum. I don't make porn a part of my daily life but in order to have an opinion on anything, I make it a point to have the experience. There is nothing worse then to listen to someone talking about something that they have never tried. (sly wink here).

I will finish this trilogy because I have to finish what I start. It's the OCD in me that compels me to complete a task. My opinion on this trilogy? It reminds me of the "Modern Romance" rags that my mother used to read when I was a young girl and those were my only avenue for literature and I use that word "literature" loosely. I've moved along in my taste of literature and as with these books, I will again move along.

Alert...change of subject once again. As I was proof reading this I noted an error but for the life of me, I can't find it to correct it so this will stand and publish "as it" until I get some more sleep which is where I am headed right now. 

I have to make a trip to the laundromat later today as this hotel doesn't have a washer and dryer which I find very inconvenient. The Holiday Inn was booked so we find ourselves at ye ole Comfort Inn on this trip. It's really not a bad place to stay. The rooms are huge, the staff is courteous and I don't want to pack up and move so here we will stay. 

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  1. ah..I have went back and made a few corrections...but I've probably missed a few errors. It's very difficult proofing one's only writing!


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