Wednesday, July 4, 2012

All was going well..not great..just "well"

I was on book three of the Fifty Shades and though it felt as though I was reading a Harelquin Romance novel albeit a spicy one, I was managing to tolerate these books. I spent 30.00 on the three of them and that was based upon all the nods to buy them from everyone I encountered.

I've said before that I found them predictable and repetitive and I still stand by that appraisal. I threw down the last book in disgust last night. I'm almost three quarters of the way through it when the story veered to a kidnapping and the ransom request. One of the main characters, the female lead had it been a play, went to the bank and wrote out a check for cash for 5 million dollars. Seriously?  have you ever tried to extract more then ten thousand dollars out of your checking account at one time on a cash withdrawal basis? Can't be done! I've tried it. You can write a check to a business to pay for..shall we say a brand new car, and that is acceptable. You can write a check to BUY something in any amount you want as long as you have the money in your account but you CANNOT withdraw  more then ten thousnd dollars cash on any one day. Today you can get ten thousand but to get another ten thousand you will have to go back tomorrow.

This book would have me believe the heroine was going to withdraw 5 million CASH to pay a ransom note? That's when I had to lay this book down and walk away for a while. Two books ago I had already tired of the "fight and makeup sex" that was the theme of these novels. Of course the makeup sex was the opportune time to introduce what the writer termed "kinky" sex and the description followed.

Would I recommend these books? I hesitate to give a negative reply. I don't know what sort of literature you are accustomed to. These are not novels that will be classified as classics someday. Buy the first one and skip the remaining two. You will get the gist of them from just reading one.

Another day at the pool today. I finally got the dang float thing inflated with my husbnd's help and together we (the raft and I)  'did the pool' thing yesterday. I managed to stay aboard but at times that was dicey. The float is very narrow which leaves very little forgiveness for shifting an inch or two around on it. My uppper thighs no longer have the ivory white bands around them from riding in the roadster with the top down. My tan started 6 inches above the knee and continued to my knee. The calves of my legs and my upper thighs needed some sun exposure to correct these tan lines. I'm working on it.

We will probably be heading home on Friday unless something dire happens on this job. Everything is going smoohly  right now and unless the rig hiccouphs and breaks down, we should be back in Lafayette soon.

I'm ready to shut this down and go back to sleep. I'm only awake at 0400 to brew a little pot of coffee for the husband before he leaves for work. I'm gone for a few hours....

(and a note to Kathy) I did come back to this post from the P.C. in the lobby and correct my typos...let me know if I missed

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