Friday, July 6, 2012

Did it Die?

The husband wants to know why I didn't notice. To be honest, I had the oven on and it was 90plus degrees today. I assumed the a/c unit just wasn't keeping up with the challenges of a stove and of the outside temperatures.

Dinner was served a bit early today and the husband who had spent most of the day on the carport chagning the oil in his truck and rotating his tires finally came in the house. All was well for a few hours  but then he started questioning the inside temperature. Checking the thermostat, it was set on hold at 72 degree but the temperature reading showed it was 87 degrees.

I still didn't believe anything was wrong with the unit. A few more hours pass and even with the oven turned off and the sun setting below the horizen, the slight rain that has cooled the outside to a pleasant 75 degrees while the temperature in this house is now at 81 degrees. The husband is mumbling something about a hotel room so we maybe spending the weekend at ye ole Holiday Inn. Monday is the soonest we can get an a/c man here to check out the unit. The worst part of this is no more home cookin!

My suggestion to go buy a couple of window units to cool the living room and the bedroom was not well received. I fear we are spoiled. The wild west would never have been won had it been up to us to make that trek westward in those covered wagons. A wagon without an a/c unit? Nah, not us!

I'm ready to get some sleep. I've pitched the comforter off the bed; the sheet will be all I will need tonight.

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  1. Also just returned form a two week trip and because of all the catching up, I want a vacation :) Stop by and visit my blog if you have time.


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