Friday, June 15, 2012

Headed Home Today

Everyone has crisped up nicely here. We are still in Galveston but will be leaving later this morning. We left the water park when it closed it's doors yesterday. 5 hrs spent climbing stairs for a quick ride down the slides, and hours spent floating the river left Carrie exhausted. On the way back to the hotel she asked "Nana, can we go to the pool tonight?" and to this I replied "Sure we can. After we have dinner we will go for a swim."

Carrie finished her shrimp dinner and laid her head in my lap waiting for us to finish our meal. Ted carried her to the car while she slept. She made it to the room and passed out on the bed fully clothed. The girl couldn't hang. She was exhausted and there was no pool for her.

Before we head out this morning we will take her to the pool for a last swim.

The water park was a hit as usual. We laughed through the huge waves, lost our innertubes, slipped and slid around while trying to regain our footing before a big wave came and rendered us helpless; my sunglasses became a casualty and lost to the slippery bottom of the river. In short a lot of fun and laughter and way too much sun has left everyone a bright pink color.

I'm waiting for the late sleepers to wake up and for  the bedlam that ensues when packing  begins.

I have the cd players now hooked up and Carrie and Ted will watch a movie on the ride back. Our yearly trip to Galveston has come to an end. The Schlitterbahn delivered it's usual fun; a good time was had by all! 

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