Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's Early, I'm Awake again at "Early"

and I'm ready to go home. I've been away for over a week and I'm ready to see my house once again. The husband is sleeping in and I'm all for him getting to sleep in. For the past 10 days he has had to get out of bed at 0400 hrs and head for the rig which is 35 miles away. It's been a long hot 10 days of being outside all day. I do sympathize especially as I'm lying across the bed in the hotel room beneath the cool air from the window a/c unit and with the remote to the TV in my hand while I nibble on bon bons..NO..wait. All that is true except for the bon bon part. I'm watching my intake of sweets and carbs so definetly no bon bons!

We are headed home today. The job finished up yesterday, all paperwork has been signed and approved by the client and a three hour drive will land us back in Lafayette. I'm tired of eating out; not that I want to cook but a home made meatloaf sounds delish.....

I did not see one fireworks last night. The 4th of July passed quietly here for us. Shreveport had a big celebration going on most of the evening and I did watch a little of that on TV but we didn't venture out into the heat to sit in a park and sweat and watch any fireworks. I didn't miss it or miss  doing that at all.

I'm off to the coffee/breakfast room to wait patiently for the time when I can go back to the room and get packed and loaded for our trip home.
Catch ya on 167~

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