Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Still in Ruston

I'm typing this on my iPad therefore it won't have paragraphs or look anything like previous posts done on a P.C. I have no idea why it works this way but I accept it. It's either accept it or go downstairs to the business room and use that P.C. I'll give up paragraphs!

Ive been scouting out the little towns around Ruston while I have been here. I wanted to do some shopping in Arcadia and while there I took the opportunity to check out Grambling College. I cruised around the campus and took a few pictures, none of which I can post on this blog this morning as my iPad won't let me do that either. I took them with my camera and as you know there isn't a USB port on these iPads so I'll post a picture of Grambling on this post at a later date.

Yesterday I drove to Farmerville, I wanted to check out a roadside fruit and vegetable stand that my husband told me about. He passes it every day on his way to work. Through winding roads, over hills and dips and beneath the pine trees lining the highway, I enjoyed my 17 mile drive. We are in the "piney woods" as the natives here call it. The countryside, unlike the coastal area of this state is very hilly. WE are but a few miles from the state line of Arkansas which explains the terrain here.

Yesterday after my drive I bought an air mattress with all intentions of hitting the pool. Inflating the air mattress was a chore that wasn't done until the husband got back to the room and helped inflate it. I'm ready to float today. I hesitated on going to the pool expecting it to be a 'hot" tube of water and in this heat it didn't seem very appealing. I was pleasantly surprised to find the water cool and now I wish I had tried it days ago as we will probably be leaving here in a few days. The job here is drawing to an end and we will be heading south.

The husband is gone for 14 hours a day and when he gets back to the room and out of the heat he pops the top on a cold beer and gets a shower. I pop into a restaurant before he gets here and pick up our dinner so he doesn't have to go back out again. I understand his desire to have dinner in the room. He's tired and he has paperwork to do and has to get up at 0400 hrs to do it all over again.

I sip my Margarita while he nurses his beer, then dinner, a little CNN and bedtime.
That's my evening. My days are my own to entertain myself so I'm ready to hang out in the room in the evenings.

Right now it's almost time for the coffee shop to open downstairs and I'm ready to have my bowl of raisin bran and a hot cup of coffee.

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