Saturday, April 21, 2012

Leaving Shreveport Soon

Since this town has some rather large casinos, I assumed the husband would be on his way to one of them after we got checked into our room at the Hampton Inn. Instead, he was interested in getting dinner out of the way and back to the room to rest. It could be because the rain was pouring down and the tempeatures had plummeted and the only clothes we bought with us on this trip were shorts and t shirts. The weather and our clothing was not conducive to running from a large parking lot to a casino. We have a suite of rooms; two televisions equal no arguments. I tagged the one in the bedroom and after a lesurely bath in the jacuzzi tub, dressed in a t shirt, I was ready for some televsion and some sleep. We are anticipating some heavy rains on the drive today. In 4 hours we should be back in Lafayette but right now I'm in a different coffee shop in a different hotel awaiting the husband. I never wake him. He loses too much sleep with his job so when he gets a chance to catch up, I stay out of the room. I can see the tall bushes surrounding the hotel. Their leaves are flipped underside up from the wind that is cruising through. It's 52 degrees here right now which is unheard of for the month of April in the deep south. What's up with that? Where is the weather coming from? I'm not going to complain too much. I prefer this weather over the heat of the summers here but I do wish I had a sweatshirt and a pair of pants instead of a this pair of shorts and this thin t shirt. It's time to check out the breakfast bar. I'm sure coffee and toast will be what I have. After's another hotel breakfast room. I'm outta here to watch the news and sip on my second cup of coffee. I'll be happy to be home in a few hours. Happy Saturday to one and all!f

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  1. Weird...I use my iPad to type this and I DID put in paragraghs and punctation but apparently it doesn't compute with this Apple product!


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