Monday, May 14, 2012

Oh My..A New Look Here

No, it's not me that has a new look but this blogger site! I haven't been here in a while and popping in this morning to tap the keys left me being a bit surprised at the new format. Ah change..don't we get pitched into a tizzy with any sort of change? Before I start complaining or whining, I promise to check this stuff out and give change a chance.

It's after 0300 and I'm awake. I slipped out of bed and to the living room to turn on the TV and watch the tube until it was time to go back to sleep. Yep..I still have a tube TV so watching the tube still applies to me. I've tried the flat screens and determined they are crap especially after the expensive wonderfully wild and crystal clear pictured one bit the dust. The repairs would have cost more then buying a new one so I reverted back to the old style TV. I'm waiting for improvements on longevity on those flat screens before I invest again.

It is very quiet here lately. The husband's job is in a lull state so he has been home the whole month. Had I known, which we never do, that he would have the whole month off, we could have scheduled a long trip or a big project around here; neither of which we've done. I glide through my days accomplishing very little except the minimal amount of housework.
I need to find a job. It's not for the monetary advantage but for some reason to get up and get dressed and interact with the outside world. Do I want a job? Absolutely not. The problem is, I dont know what I want to do.

 In lieu of the doldrums, I've decided to let my hair grow "out". That is not to say in length but in color. I've decided to see what "au natuarelle' will look like.
I may find this depressing but nothing a bottle of hair coloring won't fix? From what I can see so far, it appears bearable or doable or wearable, meaning I haven't run screaming a crying for a bottle of bleach or a bottle of color. A few more haircuts and I'll be able to pass a better judgement and review on my feelings about being a natural specimen.

It's time to turn on the TV. Looking at this mess I've written has reafirmed my opinions on my own writing and why I have not written much lately. I'm boring myself back to sleep.

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