Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A List of Things

I went shopping yesterday. I called out to the husband sitting on the patio "I'll be right back. I'm going to find a sofa" and with that said, I grabbed my car keys off the kitchen counter, swept through the living room and swiped my purse off the chair in the corner and headed for the great outdoors.

Slipping into the roadsters low slung seat, I pulled the stick shift to reverse and backed down the driveway onto the street. Moving quickly to first gear, I was on my way.

I had waited until the morning chill had burnt off by the sun that was standing at 1000 so the ride would be enjoyable and it was. My intention was to talk to a shop owner that had offered to order down wrapped cushion replacements for my existing sofa. The shop was closed and not just by having doors locked. The shop was empty and a sign in the window proclaimed "For Lease".

My next stop was the Bassett store that was in the circle around the mall. I had already browsed the local furniture stores here last week so I knew what they offered. I wasn't in the market for a sofa that would start to sag and look exhausted within a few years. I prefer my furniture to last for a good ten years PLUS. This ends up costing me more then the local furniture stores offer but since I seldom have to shop for furniture, I consider this a good trade off.

Since I wanted fabric to match or at least coordinate with what was already in the living room, my only avenue was to order a custom sofa. This took a while. The sofa style, cushion style, filling for the cushions, style of arms,  skirted or with legs showing and then the selection of fabric. A blend? Tight woven? Treated? and my head was swimming by the time I walked out of that store.

Three weeks from now, my new sofa will be birthed and delivered. I'm excited. When the husband asked me what I was going to do with the old one, I sounded snappy as I  replied "Don't worry about it. I'm gonna take care of it." and this because I didn't really want a new sofa. I was perfectly happy with the firm sofa that commanded most of the space in my living room. He hasn't been happy with it since I had the foam in the cushions replaced with the "extra firm" foam which just couldn't compete with the down wrapped cushions that were the original equipment of this sofa. Along with a new sofa, he wants me to replace wall unit that houses books, videos and photo albums.

After months of listening to him complain, I gave up and went sofa shopping. I plan on keeping my old sofa. I've been measuring the floor space to figure out how I am going to accomodate two sofas that are 95 inches long.  I already have my argument for this. I'm going to go with the "I've always wanted a "pit grouping" furniture set.

By the time it arrives here he will be busy with his patio project and the construction company he is hiring to have it done.

He wants the patio larger and I want the carport enclosed and a garage door installed. We plan on a busy summer here at Casa Tellez.

The phone just rang; the client has called and he will be off to Texas soon and this is a good thing. We will need all the paychecks for all the stuff we want/must have done this year.

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