Sunday, April 15, 2012

Packed and Ready to Roll

From my  bedroom window, I can see the bushes and tree limbs bending in the wind. As these winds move through here and collide with a high pressure front from the north, tornadoes will be spawned over the states north east of us. I'm hoping there isn't a high pressure front hanging over those states tonight. Speaking of wind.....

We leave tomorrow for Tulsa and an early start it will be. The hotel room has been reserved and will be waiting on us to arrive. We should be in Tulsa by 1600 hrs if we leave Lafayette at 0600 hrs. I've packed more then enough clothes for the 4 days we will be gone. I'm ready.

But then again, maybe I'm not really ready. The tornadoes tearing through Oklahoma have left me with  reservations about making this trip at all. I've lived in Oklahoma a few times and those times were peppered with tornadoes, a weather anomaly I'm not fond of.

Should I get blown away on this trip, I'm sure there will be some that said "What made her go? She knew what she was getting into!"

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Toto and I don't meet up somewhere in Kansas.
It's time for the steaks to be grilled. There won't be another home cooked meal for the next week and that doesn't make me sad at all. I'm done!

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