Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday 2012

It's Sunday and a special Sunday to many. For me it signals a day to produce a holiday feast. I have a spiral ham ready for the oven and since it only needs to be heated, I'm not stressed about getting an early start. I'm not doing a huge feast. Mashed potatoes, mac and cheese and green beans will accompany that ham and that's all I'm doing.

Staying in bed would be my preference. I seem to be on a mission to destroy my self lately. The chicken, frozen solid, slipped off the shelf of the freezer just as I had yanked the door open. It bounced off my shin before it speared my big toe on my right foot. Since I was on the phone with a friend, I refrained from all the curse words that immediately bubbled up and onto my tongue. Later as the day went on, I watched my big toe swell to twice it's normal size and the nail turn an alarming shade of black and blues. The pain and tenderness matched the colorful explosion happening in my toe. Is it any wonder that hanging out in the king sized bed is my choice of activities for this Sunday?

Sitting here with my foot propped up on the coffee table, I am tuned in to the military channel. WWII documentaries are playing and this is some of my favorite history to watch. The weather here is perfect right now. We are having cool nights and warm days. The "hot" hasn't arrived yet but I know it will be soon here and I moan at the thought. I'm so spoiled by our mild winters and I cringe at the thought of giving those days up to sweltering heat of summer. With a little luck, I may be able to spend some time up north. The husband was questioned about taking a job in Pennslyvania and wanted to know if I wanted to go along.

"It's north of here huh?" I asked. He didn't reply as he knows how I feel about the summers here and how I'm always looking for an escape route out.

It's time to make a move here and my next move will be to the market to get a few things needed for my little feast. Have a happy holiday wherever you are. I'm done here.

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