Friday, April 20, 2012

Still in Tulsa

Well here I am once again warming a chair in the breakfast room at ye ole Holiday Inn Express. I sit here with a cup of hot coffee clutched in one hand and a slice of toast in the other. The toast is all I can tolerate of the free breakfast offered here. Beneath the warming lights the biscuits and gravy, omelets and sausage links await those braver then I. The food causes me to shiver and my stomach to do small little flips. I've been hanging out at the Holiday Inns for too many years now and the only thing I can eat from the breakfast offered is the toast. I watch as those less exposed fill their plates and pick up their forks. I have to look away. Oh, I remember all too well when I too enjoyed the food here but those days are long gone. The husband would always bypass the breakfast room except to pour himself a cup of coffee and then drive down the street to a little cafe to pick up something to eat while on his drive to the location. I'm there. The omelet that is perfectly folded with the cheese visible oozing out of the fold, the slippery gravy with the bits of sausage and the sausage links that have a rubbery blend to them no longer entice me. I'll sip on my coffee and nibble on my toast while those that don't spend a lot of their time in a H.I.E. take advantage of the free breakfast offered. Cold cereal, cinnamon rolls, fruit and bagels are offered and those I can tolerate. It's the hot foods that make my tummy quiver. We are headed home today. We may not get all the way home. Shreveport may be where we spend the night. The casinos are beckoning and the husband doesn't have a job in the near future so we are going to have a litte "us" time on this trip. As I face the exterior window the view is of the trees bending in the wind. The locals assure me that here in Tulsa there are few tornadoes. I waited anxiously last night for the storm that was forecast. The rain arrived with the thunder and lightning and wind. The wind wasn't gathered up into a funnel. I'm thankful. I've lived in Oklahoma three different times. I would prefer to leave this part of the country to the natives that are accustomed to ducking tornadoes. It's just not my "thing". I'm ready to go home. The temperatures have dropped along with last night's storm and my backpack full of summer shorts and skorts leaves me with another reason to head south. I'm waiting on the husband to wake up. He has had to go to location early each morning so I'll let him sleep as long as he wants this morning. I'll be right here in the breakfast room sipping my coffee and surfing the net while watching the winds and the sky for any sneak attacks.

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