Saturday, April 14, 2012


I took a moment to survey the landscape. The landscape was body parts that had been sorely neglected in the past few months.

Yesterday was my day to right the wrongs or at least improve the landscape a little. From toes to nose, attention with razor, hot wax and cremes left me feeling much improved. Nothing that anyone else would notice but these things were akin to an oil change and a general detail cleaning. Since I was paying so much attention to myself, I made my way to the hair stylist and had a shearing done.

As the stylist held a lock of my hair vertical from my head, I asked her to measure and tell me the length. She placed her black comb with the inch measurements marked on it and soon said "5 inches".  "Take it down to 3 1/2 inches, blend the rest and cut it to just below my ears."  I sat and watched as the hair fell away and my shorn head appeared. Without trepidation, I schrunched the crown of hair until ringlets formed; I paid and tipped the stylist and walked away happy.

I needed a little change and what better way to lift one's spirits then to have a new "do". I don't think the husband shares my feelings on short hair. I nod my head toward his ultra short cut and tell him it'll grow.

That was my morning. My afternoon was spent in Parks, La. to sample some cracklins at the Cracklin cookoff there.

Tomorrow I pack a few things for the trip we have planned for Monday. A week in Tulsa. A week with no housework, cooking or child care. I'll hang out by the pool, shop in the mall that is close by and hopefully, catch a few movies while the husband is putting in his 8 hours at the shop there.

I missed my nap today and it's already past my bedtime. I'm done here and eager to  climb into my bed. I'm gone.

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