Friday, October 21, 2011

I Think My Brain is Shrinking

I need to step away from the debates. The candidates need to do the same.  Cain has now flipped his stance so many times on the abortion issue, I'm a little dizzy watching and listening to him. R. Paul is whining about him not getting enough air time and Mitt Romney is touchy feelie clasping Perry on the shoulder thereby breaching the code of conduct of a debate. I'm dizzy.

I watch em and for the life of me, I can't understand how this huge country can offer up the Michelle Bachman's, the Cains and the Palins as the brightest of the brights. We just lost Steve Jobs. I know this country has better offerings for seeking the job of running this place. Though Jobs may not have the qualifications for the presidency, he was brilliant in what he did. Where are those WITH the qualifications?

I don't think I'm as intelligent and informed as the ones running by a long shot. I do know that Libya is on the continent of Africa and that Africa IS a continent, much unlike Ms. Bachman who didn't know. I expect my candidates to be more intelligent, better informed, and better educated then me. Is that asking too much? Impress me, please. I don't know whether it's better that I just put them on "ignore" and wait to see who gets the nomination or stay tuned in to watch the circus. Entertainment. I may just classify it as entertaining and follow up by watching the comedians on late night enjoy the material they provide.

On the upside of my life, I'm enjoying immensely the wonderful weather. A balmy 45 degrees at night followed by a sunny 77 degrees during the day. I left the house this morning to get a battery for my watch. I drove the Marquis and as the morning wore on, the convertibles were roaring around town, the tops down and I was wishing I was in the roadster instead of the Marquis.

My watch is dead. Not only did the battery need replaced, but the stem that sets the time needs repaired. I'm junking it and going shopping tomorrow for something new. Since I was at the jewelry store, I had a ring cut off to be resized and the prongs repaired on it and another ring I was wearing.  It was time for maintenance of the jewelry kind.

I'm not really doing much around here. The husband leaves again tomorrow for another job in Texas. We are both grateful, in this economy that he is staying busy. I debate about going back into the job market. A fleeting few minutes and it's over. I remember all the rules, the stress, the holidays worked and I'm done with thinking about going back to a job.

I've thought about joining a gym, about taking a class at the university or volunteering. I should have done any of the above during those nasty hot summer months. I need direction. I'm beginning to feel like my brain is atrophying. I do find it interesting watching Carrie learn. The process of learning to read which we all did but don't remember, is something I'm watching as she goes through the steps. Her report card states she is above the average in her reading and language skills. Her behavior is spotless. She gets along well with her classmates and instructor. Not too shabby huh?

I was so worried about her skills as she didn't attend any Pre K classes. Her teaching was done here on her alphabet and her math. We were into phonics before she started kindergarten. Ms. Verret is impressed with her knowledge and we are relieved. I do regret being so busy with a job and supporting my daughter that I didn't  observe and be as involved as I am with Carrie.

The daughter is very good about the time she spends with her on her homework. Homework for kindergarteners you might ask?  Yes, she has homework. Kindergarten is no longer for games. They must be able to read and do math problems before the first grade. Times have certainly changed since my school years and even since my daughter's school years.
The schools here are very strict on their students and it starts with teaching the kindergarteners all about rules. They make this as important as the classroom studies. Some may complain about the stunting of creativity by structuring them with all these rules but life is always about rules. One might as well learn early.

I'm off to watch the WVU/Syracuse football game. It has not been a boring game but it doesn't look so good for WVU right now.
I'm gone for the evening.

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