Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hot and Cold

I can't remember the weather taking a nose dive this early in the year. It's the last of October. In most parts of the country, frost has settled in but that's normal; it's not normal here.

I'm wrapped in a soft blanket, thin and lightweight as it is, it's warm beneath it. I'm waiting on Carrie to find her way here. She is buried in  the blankets in the king sized bed. It's Saturday, no school, chilly out and what a better way to spend the early morning hours but snuggled down beneath some warm blankets.

Carrie doesn't tolerate heat well. We get along famously. Few blankets are needed and don't invade her space with your warm body. She is quick to let you know you are causing her to be hot and you need to move away. Gone are the days when she would let you hold her close as she went to sleep. I understand. My thermostat runs a bit hot too. A thin sheet covering me is the most I need at night.

Halloween! It seems to have came around too soon after the last one  as most things do these days. Carrie made her first stop here dressed in turquoise and white, a Cleopatra with full head dress. Her earrings were long and sparkled with the stones that caught the light and twinkled when she swung her head from side to side to feel them sway. She collected her treats, left a kiss and was on her way with her parents to walk the neighborhood.

Next door, a young couple live who are great fans of LSU and the Saints football teams. Each Saturday a crowd of their friends gather to watch the game and share the food each one of them brings to the communal table. Occasionally I will drop by to watch the last quarter of the game with them.

Last night, as Carrie left here and headed for their house, I instructed her to say "Trick or Treat and Go 'Bama!"  (LSU plays Alabama this coming weekend...big rivalary..and both teams are undefeated thus far).

I peeked around the corner of my house to watch her walk up to their door and ring the bell. It was most obvious when she delivered her statement. I laughed as they leaned out to look for me and laughed again when they shook their fists as they laughed too at Carrie's jab.

The gremlins and goblins paraded through. I sat outside until the trek was over and Carrie had made her return trip with her sack of bounty. A quick shower, a bowl of noodles and it was soon time to go to sleep. Another school day approaches soon enough for Carrie. She needs the many hours of sleep and rest.

We laid in bed with the iPad and as I browsed, she read what she could on the screen. Her popcorn word list continues to grow. Two more words were added yesterday and with her collection, she can read sentences, simple though they are, she is excited to be able to do this. Soon she won't be asking me to read to her. Another step in her journey to independance and her decreasing need for me. Each thing she learns, each skill she acquires is in preparation for her to stand alone. I can't help but be a little sad but also very proud of her achievements.

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