Friday, October 7, 2011

The Butcher, The Baker and the Candle Stick Maker

and none of the above do I aspire to be! The daughter likes to bake and today was a bake day.

Bags of supplies were hefted up on the granite counter top, the huge mixer plugged in  and the mixing paddle in place. She started early this morning and by 1400 hrs she had finished the first day in the three day cake making process.

The cakes were baked, and sliced in layers. The butter cream frosting had to be mixed and as I passed through the kitchen following the various chores I was immersed in, I took note of what was going on. I'm grateful I was on the cleaning crew and not on the baking crew.

The butter cream was slathered  on. Done? No. This was only the first step and the cakes now have to go into the refrigerator to be chilled. Tomorrow the second layer of butter cream will be added and then the fondant will have to be mixed and applied to each layer. The decorative touches will be started tomorrow too. I have birthday cake layers stored in two refrigerators now.  This three tier cake is to be served at Carrie's birthday party on Saturday. I will be posting pics!

I've been watching the weather reports and with relief note that Saturday should be a pleasant and dry 85 degrees. Perfect weather for an outdoor birthday party.

Continued: Thursday

While the daughter worked on her cake, I painted woodwork. After getting a close up view of the wall above the baseboards I was painting, it appears as though I  will be using ammonia and a scrub brush to clean the walls. Maybe I shouldn't have got such a close up view of those walls.

I grated a huge head of cabbage and some carrots, and mixed up the dressing for the Cole slaw. The hot dog sauce was cooked and refrigerated. I'm ready with my contribution of food. Hillbilly hot dogs will be served.

Balloons. It was time to inflate those balloons. It could have been a worse job had we not had that little orange pump that inflates them. Granted, it was a hand pump that was used but still much better then the old way of "mouth to balloon" and cheeks and ears that would hurt for hours after.

We twisted up balloon flowers and balloon swords along with two balloon pedestals. The hours whizzed by and soon it was time to shut down and head for the bus stop to collect Carrie. The balloon stuff was stored in the office, the door pulled shut. Thankfully there is a room to store them in  until tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be another busy day. We will start early. The patio needs to be set up with the tables, the purple table cloths and the balloons and pom poms. Shane will be making the jambalaya in my kitchen. I still have to make a trip to pick up sodas and ice.

The cameras still needed charged. I need some sleep.
It's ALMOST party time!

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