Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tuesday/Wednesday and Thursday

Every now and again, I become totally wasteful. Usually I'm quite the thrifty person so jumping ship and becoming lassize fare about wasting money or not being frugal does a body good.

It's gasoline I'm referring to. I cruised around wasting gasoline a few days ago. I made rights and lefts until I was thoroughly lost. Being lost is not a bad thing if you don't have a schedule to adhere to or an appointment pending. I try to select a road that has little traffic. The old neighborhoods here are an interesting drive. Old mature trees create tunnels of patch worked sunlight to drive beneath. The weather is heading into fall and the temperature has skittered down the mercury to around 85 degrees. This makes for perfect weather to have the top down in the roadster and wind through the back streets of the city.

This is my favorite time of year. The heat of summer is behind us now and the winters here are mild and enjoyable. Spring is a lead in to the heat of summer so though I enjoy the spring, I know what follows and it's a long hot summer until fall returns.

Carrie and her mother just left here to go home. When Carrie was but an infant, she had her ears pierced. After a bout of infection/soreness in her ear lobes, the earrings were removed and since she was 8 months old there hasn't been any earrings worn by her. Today the daughter wanted to attempt to reenter those pieced ears. We planned on numbing them down with some ice. I seated Carrie on the counter and explained to her what was about to happen. We were both a bit nervous. Before icing her earlobes, I took the earrings and gently inserted the posts into the openings. Guiding the posts with my fingers while feeling the backs of her lobes, I managed to get the ear rings all the way through the lobes.

Carrie, April and I were both relieved that this was a pain free experience. Stainless steel posts were placed and will be worn for the next couple of months before we attempt to place other jewelry. She is excited to wear the new earrings she received for her birthday a few days ago.

This post was started days ago and left in draft. I'm getting slower and slower getting this done. It's now Wednesday. The daughter and I went shopping yesterday, then to the Olive Garden for lunch and afterwards cruised some of the residentual areas. The temperature were again too nice to want to stay indoors. It's our time of the year to burst out of the cocoons of our houses and flitter around in the cooler temperatures with the sunshine that isn't hotterNhell and humidity that could put a curl in rod straight hair. 

It's time for a shower and time to flitter and flutter....

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  1. Sometimes it's nice to just drive around... For those of us who grew up driving when gas was under a dollar a gallon, it kind of represents freedom, don't you think?!

    (And no worries about how long it takes to write a post. :-))



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