Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Carrie

and the party was on. Family and friends drifted in, chairs were filled as the children mingled in the yard. The temperatures clipped into the high 80's with a soft breeze puffing enough air to make it comfortable and to stir the lavender pom poms decorating the shrubs and the ceiling on the patio.

Balloons, helium filled and standing upright while tethered to a white ribbon ringed the lawn. Occasionally the pop of a balloon would startle and cause laughter.

The line to the snow cone machine refilled itself over and over. Each child was allowed to grind their own ice and select their flavorings from the six bottles arranged on the tray that held the snow cone machine and cups.

Hillbilly hot dogs and the jambalaya was served up, drinks served and spilled and I was grateful this was an outdoor event. Just kick that ice cube to the side, no need to mop.

Everyone took their turns at the pinata. Breaking it was not an easy task. When it did come apart, candy and toys rained down and the children rushed in with their treasure bags to scoop up the treats. I stood to the side with my camera to get these shots.

The party ended with Carrie opening her gifts and then moving into the kitchen where the lights were doused and the candles glowed on her cake. Everyone ringed around and sang "Happy Birthday" to her, the candles were taken down in one big huff and the cake was served.

As soon as most of the guests had departed, the cleanup was on. Tables disassembled, trash picked up, canvas chairs folded and stored and the yard decorations were plucked off the bushes and the fence. I was exhausted.

I slapped the "ON" button on the dishwasher, stumbled to the bathroom and stood beneath a hot shower for a few minutes. Soon it was into pajamas and snuggled down beneath the sheets with the TV remote in hand. I slept.

You might be feelin your age if a child's birthday party is all it takes to exhaust you. I'm thinking I'm past the "if" on this and I'm in the "I AM" part of my life.

Carrie had a good time, was the center of attention on her day and enjoyed her party so it was worth it.

Until next year, we're sooooooooooooo done!

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  1. Wonderful! So glad it went well. I know the exhausted grandmother feeling...and I only experience it rarely so I can imagine how you feel.


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