Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's A Party!

It had to be done. Shopping. The birthday party for Carrie celebrating her 6th birthday is fast approaching. She requested a party this year. I knew we shouldn't have let her attend all those parties for her friends. She has discovered what she has been missing these past 5 years. Usually her mother would ask her  where she wanted to go on her birthday and her reply was  "to see the rat" so off to Chuckie Cheese she would go to eat pizza with her siblings and play some of the games there. It worked well for the family. She had her special day and her mother bypassed the stress of party planning. It's time to pay our dues this year. We have been exposed as the slackers we have been for 5 years. There was no visiting the rat this year.

April is making a three tiered special cake for Carrie and will be spending the next three days working on just that cake. Cups, bowls, food and drink have been planned. A Pinata has been stuffed with candy and toys. Balloons are ready to be inflated while pom poms from purple crepe paper will decorate the shrubbery in the yard. Columns made of balloons to decorate the tables are ready to be constructed.

 Tables borrowed from the neighbors, chairs collected and arranged on the patio and in the  yard for the adults, we have been busy. We are not renting a Fun Jump. April is in charge of entertainment and she will be directing the games the children will play in the yard. I'm in charge of snow cones that the children will be allowed to do themselves. I'm also in charge of the cameras, both video and digital still. I'll be busy.

All I think about is the three hours allotted for this party and the cleanup to follow so my life can get back to normal.

It's time to get back to "it"; the "it" being housework and more list checking on party supplies.

I'm looking forward to Sunday. The party is on Saturday.

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