Monday, September 26, 2016

September Ending 2016

Season 3 of The Good Wife plays across my TV screen. This part of my life is spent binge watching television shows that I had neglected. I scroll through the offerings on the menu and select shows that have won multiple awards by the movie and television industry. Recommendations from friends and acquaintances have also helped steer me to what I'll select.

Left foot summary of yesterdays activities. In a word, lots of SWELLING. The pain corresponds to the amount of swelling so I strive to monitor and decrease that amount. Elevate, elevate, ice and elevate. This leaves me with not much time to catch up on all that house work I wanted to get done.

My plan has changed. I'll take one room at a time and work with many interruptions and just be grateful I'm not on crutches or the knee walker. I do have to remind myself that even with the pain and the swelling, I'm able to be more mobile then during the pre and post surgery time. I'm appreciative, relieved and still working on developing patience.
Another bright spot..FALL is here. As I struggle to draw in a deep breath in the heavy wet humid oxygen supply that surrounds us; as the temperatures climb into the 90's, I chant "Fall is here..Fall is here."
We are promised a cool front in a few days. They (weather person) is promising dry cool air. I'm so ready to see the last dying breaths of summer. Summer is not a place you want to be while in the deep south.
It's time to get Carrie to the bus stop. She has stayed with me all weekend except for a few hours when she went to her house to visit with some friends that came to see her.
I like it when she is with me Nothing but improvements here. I'm content.

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